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Now hinting from children is bad enough, but when it comes out of an adults mouth I find it completely aberrant.

You see people on Social media doing it all the time, some of my personal favourites include:


Wish I could go out on Saturday night, but I haven't got a babysitter.

Which should have read, Wish I could go out Saturday night, don't suppose anyone would like to babysit


"I have seen a wheelchair on ebay my son desperately needs, but I don't get paid until Wednesday and it will be gone by then"

Which should have read "Does anyone want to lend me £200 until Wednesday"


"It's so cute when a man buys his woman flowers" (The woman was in a new relationship)

Which should have read "I'm needy and I really want you to buy me flowers, so that I can post them on Facebook and tell everyone how wonderful my life and relationship is".



Hinting is vile, and EVERYONE knows what you're up to.


 #8 Little dictators




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